5 things iOS does better than Android 

5 things iOS does better than Android 

There has always been a tussle between the iPhone operating system and that of the Android operating system. The reason for this is the fact that they are the two best selling phones all across the globe. Most people believe that an Android system is much better than that of iPhone but it is the other way around in some cases too. Here are the 5 things that iOS does better than the Android system:- 

5 things iOS does better than Android


Fast & smooth 

5 Thinks iOS better AndroidMost of the Android systems face this problem. You will see a number of features attached to the phone at a very reasonable price but after a certain point of time, there’s a lag all over the place. The system starts to hang more often than not in processing the heavy systems. But that’s definitely not the case with iPhone. No matter if you’re playing the game with heavy VFX, the processing would be as smooth as it can really get.



5 Thinks iOS better AndroidLess complex 

The usage of the iPhone is very simple. It is far simpler than Androids for sure. You can easily make your choices and use your phone the way you want to. The phones are manufactured in such a way that you get all the ease you want while using your phone. Otherwise, you would be looking to go to YouTube tutorials in order to know how to do a certain thing on an Android phone. thinks iOS better Android.


5 Thinks iOS better AndroidSecurity 

You can feel much more secured saving your data on an iPhone than of Android. Security is an issue sometimes because everyone has their private life and in case you don’t feel like making anything public, you would like to secure it. The chances of information getting leaked are much more in case of Androids than in the case of the iPhone. This can be a really problematic situation.


Superior support 

The support system working for the iPhone is much better than that for Android, thinks iOS better Android. So no matter how big the problem is associated with your mobile phone, you will always get help from the customer care service. This is something that is lacking in the part of Androids as once the phone gets defected, it hardly comes back to the normal. You will be required to buy a brand new phone.

Quick updates

The updates are available for the iPhone system all the time. So you will always stay up to date with the technology. This is something which is very advantageous because if you stay head and toe with the latest of versions of all the applications that are available, you will be in a much better position to do your work or whatever your purpose is of in using the phone. 

So these are some of the things that make the iPhone better than Android, thinks iOS better Android. The price tag might be higher but there is a reason behind this too. The system is very quality and with all the support systems working for you, it can really be a blessing in disguise for sure.