Best 5 food delivery apps you must try

Best 5 food delivery apps you must try

Who doesn’t love eating food? We all love food one way or the other. There might be times we don’t click with a dish but more often than not, we are absolutely enthralled to eat anything and everything. Nowadays you might look to order food online so here are the 5 food delivery apps that you need to try:- 



One of the most popular and most well-designed food delivery apps right now is Doordash. The organization was found back in 2013 and ever since it has been serving the customers all across the US market. With Doordash you get a variety of food. Whether you are looking for breakfast or lunch or dinner, everything will be available on your doorsteps thanks to Doordash. The headquarters are situated in San Francisco. It was founded by Stanford students and they have been reaping the benefits ever since.



This is one of the most unique food apps out there. Swiggy can offer the smallest food items to the big orders as well. Suppose if you want to eat barfi and you want to buy only 2 pieces of it because of your health concerns, you can do so through the Swiggy app. The delivery of food needs to be fast and that is ensured by Swiggy. The uniqueness of this food delivery app is why this is very much recommended to be tried at least once. 



One of the oldest and the most known food delivery app out there, Domino’s is a thing for decades now. It has served millions of customers from across the globe and still hasn’t broken a sweat. Domino’s Pizza offers you the fastest food delivery. At one point, they had this stipulation if they couldn’t get the pizza delivered on time, you would be offered the same pizza for free. They have this much trust in their delivery services and that’s why they have been hailed by everyone whenever it is required to order food online.






This is another veteran name on this list. GrubHub is existing ever since online food ordering wasn’t really a thing. It was founded in 2004 and it allowed you to buy any food you want as it had contacts with all the local restaurants in the USA. It was started as a small franchise but to think about how it has really taken over the market can truly define success. GrubHub has as many as 19.9 million active users as of the study from the first quarter of 2019.



Uber Eats

Launched by Uber, this food app has been founded in the mid-2010s only. It is crazy how these food apps have gone from nowhere to be global and cater to the need of each variety of food lovers. Uber Eats has also seen the light of the day in this respect and has been doing this for a number of years now. It is an American online food app but the beauty of it is, you can look to buy Indian food from it as well and quality will always be ensured too!