React Native: Why is it preferred?

React Native: Why is it preferred?

Now a days React Native is one of the most trending programming languages among developers and in the course of 5 years the use of this framework has been increased exponentially. Ever thought why it is popular in such an exponential ratio? The main reason it is leading being because of cross-platform. Yes! It means with the same code you can work on both Android and iOS.

Since every language has its own cons and pros:


  • Same code for iOS and Android thus easy to use.
  • Fast to build because of a shorter development time.
  • Simplified UI
  • Needs less developer team.
  • Fast Applications.
  •  One Framework allows multiple platforms


  • It takes longer time to execute.
  • RN lacks new solutions, RN based on JavaScript gives access to the largest package in the world.
  • It is still in beta phase as it is less smooth.
  • Lack of custom modules
  • Many functionalities e.g camera, push notifications are missing.