Role of a Full stack developer in creating your website

Role of a Full stack developer in creating your website

A full-stack developer can be called an all in one developer. If you’re looking to do web development for your organization, you will be required to execute a few things. There are front end applications and back end applications. Generally, you would be required to get two different developers to do the cause for you. You would be required to hire a front end applications web developer and a developer who will work on back end applications for you and your website. With Full stack developer, however, you will get your work done for both applications and you wouldn’t be required to contact any other developer.

Full stack developer

A full-stack web developer is the one who can work on both front ends as well as back end applications. The full-stack web developer is supposed to know the 3-tier model. This 3-tier model consists of:- 

  1. The presentation layer is the main front end portion which deals with a user interface 
  2. The business logic is the back end portion of any application and here you can look to validate upon your data
  3. Database layer 

It is not important that the full stack developer knows everything regarding web development. Web development is a wider subject and you cannot be knowing everything about it all at once. But a full stack developer will somehow try to understand the aspects of it which might be required to develop a particular website. Every e-commerce organization has different needs in terms of how its stent needs to be developed. There will be one part that they might be lacking on and the developer has to see through it to get the desired success. Web development is all about understanding things well and knowing exactly to what extent things can be drawn and benefits can be availed.

One of the major benefits of a full stack developer is that it reduces your cost as well as time. When you will be looking to hire a web developer for the causes i.e. full end and back end application, you will have to bear extra costs to fill both of their pockets. It will also require more time to recruit such a developer. Thus both your cost as well as time will be consumed. But when a full stack developer is hired, you will not be required to spend as much cost or as much time either. There’s a wider aspect of this that you might or might not look into but you can analyze it very well. A person who is looking into his work but in the meantime is looking into others’ work as well is exactly the kind of person you want in am organization. You wouldn’t have to hire too many people if even one of your employees stands out to do the thankless job. A full-stack developer does exactly that in creating your website and will go to any length to get the job done for your organization!