UAE Pass – National Identity Initiative by the UAE Government

Meet yet another ambitious project from the Government of UAE to provide a digital ID to all its citizen. UAE Pass will be a single trusted digital identification for all the citizen, residents and the visitors of UAE. It results from a collaboration between Smart Dubai and TRA; and will be a single identity solution for various service providers within the UAE with a high level of security. As per the claim on the UAE Pass website, it is a fundamental enabler for digital transformation initiatives, and a contributor towards achieving the goals of UAE Vision 2021, UAE Centennial 2071, and sustainable development.

At SubcoDevs, we always try to be ahead in the learning and development; and as one of the major software development solution providers to a number of banking and financial institutions and companies within the UAE; UAE Pass implementation would always be a priority for our team. 

Having said this, not all the rides are smooth and we had to overcome quite a few challenges while implementing it. One of the major challenges was that it was a very new concept, and the documentation was still very much private as security is of prime importance. We also realized that there was no community-related development work found over GitHub or similar sites which could make the task a little easier. UAE Pass team does not provide an example on how to implement it which makes life more complicated.  Also, to our surprise, the Staging server serves to the computers and device only within the UAE. 

In spite of many odds, our team decided to write the communication protocols between the app and the UAEPass server from scratch. Not only we did that but our team members also wrote an open-source project which should help other developers to help with UAEPass implementation in no time. If you are a .Net Developer and want to download this as NuGet package, click here.

Our team has really worked hard to develop libraries for UAE Pass for all the major languages. If you care to implement UAE Pass for your web-based or mobile-based app, feel free to contact us.