KAPe - Powered by The World Of Kick-Assery


KAPe is a free innovative application (App) that gives viewers an abundance of content that is updated daily. Everything you need to know or find related to the fighting industry can be found using this app. It ties together original, online content and news feed into one easy to use location. As part of an add-on subscription, one of main features is to offer action and martial arts movies to the viewer on a free, rental or purchase basis depending on the subscription level.

Features Of Application:


  • Watch Movies Online.
  • Book Fighting Passes.
  • Find Gyms.
  • Buy or Rent Movies.
  • Buy Articles Related To Fighting.
  • Payment Gateway.


    Technology Stack

    • - Android & iOS
    Payment Gateway
    • - In app purchase
    Development Languages
    • - Java
    • Swift

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