Mood Social Mix


Social Mix was designed to seamlessly work with Mood Mix Pro. Clients are given a Social Mix webpage that can be accessed through customers’ mobile devices. Each Social Mix location will be added to our Social Mix map, so customers can easily identify which establishments have Social Mix in their area. Users simply find your location, interact with your music and elevate their customer experience.

The app is developed with ‘Java’ language and is designed to work on the Android platforms and has become the global leader in elevating customer experiences.

The ‘ Mood mix pro’ feature, our hybrid music streaming solution that is fully licensed and designed specifically for business,  allows you to take control of your music with the ability to personalize.

We create greater emotional connections between brands and consumers through the right combination of Sight, Sound, Scent and Systems solutions. We reach more than 150 million consumers each day through more than 500,000 subscriber locations in 100+ countries around the globe. 

The app can transform your current in-store audio and visual channels into powerful revenue streams with the Mood Ad Network and  leverage your on-premise network to generate revenue through paid third-party content from relevant brand partners in your industry. You’ll increase sales and reduce costs while elevating the Customer Experience. We help you to create and control your customer experience in harmony.

Managing your in-store media could  never be easier, smarter, and more affordable with our

end-to-end branding solution for Sight, Sound, Scent, Social, and Systems.

Features Of Application:

  • Play Music From The App.
  • Geo Location.
  • Increases brand recognition and brand loyalty
  • Impact point-of-purchase sales and drive revenue
  • Educate, entertain, and engage the customers

    It’s a win-win proposition that connects Mood’s global client network with world-class brands seeking national and hyper-local targeting. Backed by data-driven insights, the Mood Ad Network offers a tremendous opportunity to turn a cost into a shared revenue generator, with no capital investment.

    Technology Stack

    • - Android 
    Development Languages
    • - Java

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