National Bond Corporation

To be everyone's favorite place to save and invest.

National Bonds is a private joint stock shareholding company, established in March 2006 with a paid-up capital of AED 150 million.The company's strong belief in the pivotal role of savings in building a stronger economy helped its customers achieve their own financial future objectives through disciplined and regular saving habits. And it's committed to keep shaping a brighter financial future for today's and tomorrow's generations.

    • The Customer: Muneer Vv Business Application Manager
    • Industry Category: Financial Product
    • Technology: Xamrin
    • Executive Summary: It is 100% owned by The Investment Corporation of Dubai, the investment arm of Dubai government.

NBC is a regulated financial institution licensed and supervised by the Securities and Commodities Authority and is audited by Dubai Government Audit Department, Sharia Supervisory Board as well as reputable International external auditors.


National Bond Corporation


  • Purchase Many types of financial Plan Like Education Plan, Term Sukuk, Saving Bond Etc
  • Gift Vouchers for any occasion
  • Online Payment for Plan
  • Fingerprint Authorization
  • Lucky Draw For Customers
  • Transaction summary for any Purchased Product
  • Committed to keep shaping a brighter financial future for today's and tomorrow's generations.

Purpose of Project /Business Challenge :

NBC is an Android and iOS application, we developed and tested the application from scratch. NBC is an opportunity for individuals and families to Invest money for future plans like saving bonds, Education Plan, Term sukuk Etc.

  • To create outstanding value by maximizing return on equities.
  • To actively contribute to the growth and vitality of the community.
  • To offer a secure, rewarding and memorable savings experience.
  • To be an employer of choice, offering an exciting environment that values and rewards its people.
  • Nurture a savings culture by encouraging people to save in National Bonds and by re-investing their savings in development initiatives in the UAE.
  • Putting forward values of Integrity and Transparency, Passion for Excellence, Customer Centric, Nurturing staff, Innovation.