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We build network applications and big data programs that are innovative, fast, and scalable.

At Subcodevs, we offer an extensive range of Node.js development by dedicated Node.js developers team and consulting services. Our software can handle several tasks, thus making the entire project a success. We have a team of expert Node.js developers who have built several software applications and developed entire IT infrastructures for various organizations.

Node.js is one of our primary technology choices as it allows us to deliver amazing projects that are within the client’s quality, budget and schedule constraints. When you’re looking for software that is engaging, scalable, and secure, Node.js is what we use. Our services include:

  • Superior data handling as Node.js is compatible with several platforms
  • Flexibility to work on several backend and front-end systems for large enterprise applications
  • Agile development methodology for projects of all sizes
  • Modern project management tools for startups as well as big businesses
  • Scalable projects that can be expanded as your company grows
  • Quick delivery due to rapid development and less parsing time of Node.js


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    Our software developers prefer Node.JS because it is clean and usable. It helps us develop real-time applications that can work in different types of environments. This type of flexibility is the reason behind its extreme popularity. Node.js has revolutionized software development and websites like Yahoo are now migrating to it. Many of our clients are surprised at the speed of Node.js applications. Apps developed by our expert Node.js are superfast, simple, and easy to understand. This is why several clients specifically ask for Node.js components.

    Node.js simplifies many software functions. For example, forming network connections, creation of file systems, and reading from or writing to a database become easier and faster with Node.js. It lets us create robust applications that run smoothly and give enhanced throughput. At Subcodevs, our developers have worked on hundreds of Node.js applications and we can develop yours as well. Many tech giants have opted for Node.JS Developers and have reduced their server loads and lowered their response times. Thanks to all its features, Node.js is the main technology that we use in almost all our projects. Contact us to learn more about our Node.JS Developers services and to hire a dedicated Node.js developers team.

    Our Node.js Development Verticals





    eLearning & online training

    Taxi booking app

    Social Networking

    Sports & Gaming

    online magazine

    Collaboration Sites

    Healthcare Websites

    Knowledge Management System

    Technical Skills

    Here are some technical skills possessed by our Node.js developers

    HTML5, CSS3

    Bootstrap Frontend Languages


    Core Node.js technology

    Backbone and Node.js

    Backbone.js, Angular.js and Jquery Frontend Javascripts (Responsive designs)

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