Key Challenges
-Buyer and seller Registration.
-Posting requirement by buyer.
-How bidding would take place.
-Providing Express delivery service for urgent orders and guarantees a delivery in 24 hours.
-How to include Off the Shelf OTS delivery.
-How to make platform as simple for users
-How proqore would know the order has been delivered?
-How to track down the entire process.
-Dealing with false request.
-Deciding specific role for proqore team like who will have a screen on the application, wherein he/she can check the pending orders and update the status in the system etc.
-Setting bidding status in different scenarios.
-Setting Alarm, Notifications & Order History in different scenarios.


  • Backend:
  • Rails 4.2
  • Ruby 2.3
  • MySQL
  • Sidekiq Backend Job Management
  • Redis
  • Front End:
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • Erb

Proposition & Solution

  • Development of the website ( with all the features.
  • Developed a bidding feature so that buyers can get products at the best price.
  • Delivered a scalable solution to the client.
  • Fast loading and quality website in terms of design and performance.
  • The buyer gets the bulk of the products at the best prices.
  • Provide a solution for urgent delivery of the products within 24 hours.

Results & Benefits

  • An express delivery feature for urgent order delivery.
  • Off the shelf delivery.
  • A search field with filters to post requirements of the product easily.
  • Review and rating module for the users.


In short, is changing the way businesses procure goods and services, making it the one-stop solution for all your bulk ordering needs. This not only saves time but also money for the buyer as they can compare prices from multiple vendors and choose the most competitive option. The portal also offers transparency in pricing and terms of delivery, making it a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.