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Python is one of the languages for a computer. Just like Java, Python also has its own cult following. You wonder why that's the case, you go deep down into the shells of it to find out the real cause for the reason. Python in the US is an enormous success. There are various reasons for this cause.

Third-party modules 

One of the major reasons why it is a hit in the US is because of the fact that there is a presence of third-party modules. You don't have to run through the codes yourself. You can call another party who will do the job for you. It is a very natural way to go about things. If you're not even working around the modules, you will still get the coding for it thanks to the services provided by the third party. It saves your time more than anything else and it gives you a reason why you should be looking to use it.

Excellent Readability

The readability of this programming is absolutely stunning. You will easily get to know what the language is trying to convey to you. It means that it is very simple to learn. We are talking about computer programming here and computer programming is really difficult to learn. You may get to know about it as and when you go into the detailing of different kinds of languages. You don't really have to be a try-hard either. You can easily get to memorize the entire thing that you need to do in order to process this language and programming. It makes everything look so damn easy in the meantime as well.

    Great data structures 

    The data structures provided by Python are great as well. You can find it to be very user-friendly too. It is there because it wants to make things simpler for everyone. No one wants to learn computer programming because it is difficult to understand. It is not something you will get to learn on an everyday basis and not even in the case if you want to learn it on an everyday basis. Data structures are so easy to cope up with that it almost becomes a habit of running into it time and again.


    The text processing capabilities have to be lauded here. It is done so quickly and abruptly that you might just be in shock with how things are going down. The object-oriented design is something that is going to make you fall for it as well. There are enhanced process control activities too. It adds so much value because you are looking to make some applications here. There's a build-up of some really complex multi-protocol network applications. 

    These are some of the reasons why Python is really a rage in the US. But it is not restricted to only the US. Python has its own charm everywhere because of how unique it is and the fact that it is so user-friendly puts it ahead of other programmers out there! 

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