Social Mix Voting Page

A voting page and playing screen, where the user can visit a store and access the voting page (provided they have purchased the Mood Mix subscription plan) and the source of audio output would be the ProFusion media players.

Key Challenges

-Personalized URL
-Page creation according to the user
-Displaying the image provided by the user on the URL
-Playlist viewing screen
-On Deck section (contains 2 songs which will be played next)
-Voting Capability for users as well as automatic voting by the bot (server)
-Automatic updation of the playlist
-Metadata of each of the song
-Mix API integration
-DIY Messages
-Synchronization of URL and the profusion media player

Proposition & Solution

  • Development of the URL with all features of an online audio playing screen.
  • Displaying complete metadata of the songs on the URL as well as media players.
  • Displaying album art of the songs in good resolution apart from the default one.
  • Integration of voting functionality for the user
  • Automatic voting by the bot (server) to give the user the feel of a dynamic URL.
  • Voting capability to enable users to listen to their voted songs quickly.

Results & Benefits

  • Delivered a scalable solution to the client.
  • Revenue generation from stores, if the user visits a store for a longer duration of time.
  • Voting functionality to enhance the performance of the URL.
  • Fast loading and quality website in terms of design and performance.

Delivering a scalable solution to the client in all aspects is crucial for SaaS products, but is usually ignored by developers. Our proven and proprietary software delivery model and results from the mechanism allow us to draw a clear success path to take products from Point A (current state) to Point B (future state). It also helps clients understand how we achieve the desired results by following a step-by-step engagement and delivery model.