Must Know Tech Stack Used on Projects Worldwide

Must Know Tech Stack Used on Projects Worldwide

A tech stack acts as the collection of technologies that an enterprise uses to develop and manage a project or an app. In a software firm, investing in the various components of the tech stack is essential because it provides your product team with the resources it needs to create and run your business along with ensuring that it continues to satisfy client expectations.

Tools that measure product and user analytics are typically included by product firms. Here are some common tech stacks that are being used by businesses for their various projects.

Tools to Build iOS Apps


Being an open-source tool, SwiftLint is used to uphold the Swift conventions. Your code style guidelines can be established and enforced during development with the aid of this tool. A command-line tool, Xcode plugin, AppCode, and Atom integration are all features of SwiftLint.

It analyzes the style of Swift code and enables you to identify stylistic mistakes in your code. It can assist you in enforcing these styles by flagging failed builds or providing warnings when the style is not adhered to.


SwiftKeychainWrapper is a basic wrapper for the iOS/tvOS Keychain that offers you access to it as same as with User Defaults. By default, the Keychain Wrapper stores information in the iOS Keychain as a Generic Password type. Items are saved in a way that only allows access when the app is unlocked and accessible.


Written in Swift, Alamofire is an HTTP networking library. It helps in building network layers in a quicker, cleaner and easier way. Using it has the additional advantage of being able to be researched and its source code is accessible. This is a highly useful tool that can aid programmers while they develop apps.


Kingfisher, the image downloading manager is a potent library written entirely in Swift that allows users to retrieve and cache web images. You can use it to work with remote photos in your upcoming Swift application.



A product analytics tool, Mixpanel, gives you the ability to record information about how users engage with your digital product. Mixpanel’s uncomplicated and interactive reports enable you to query and visualize this product data for analysis. From your server-side apps, you may track events and modify People Analytics profiles using Mixpanel client libraries.

Firebase Analytics

Google Analytics for Firebase offers unrestricted, free reporting on 500 different events. In addition to the major events and user characteristics that the SDK automatically records, you may build your custom events to track the specific metrics that are important to your company.

Apache Spark

As a multi-language engine, Apache Spark is used to run data engineering, data science, and machine learning operations on single-node computers or clusters. Big data workloads are processed using this tool. For rapid analytical queries against any scale of data, it makes use of speedy query execution and in-memory caching.

Android App Development Tools

Android Debug Bridge

You can interact with a device using the flexible command-line tool, Android Debug Bridge (ADB). The adb command facilitates a range of device tasks, including installing and debugging programs. With the help of ADB, you can access a Unix shell and execute different commands on a device.


Developers may check the functionality of any app, including Android apps, using FlowUp. With actionable insight into important metrics such as frame time, frames per second, bandwidth, memory consumption, CPU performance, disc utilization, and many other areas, FlowUp assists you in dramatically improving the performance of your app.


With the aid of the tool Fabric, your mobile app development team may create better apps, discover more about their users in real-time, and expand their clientele using analytical data. Every member of your development team has access to a complete, real-time view of the performance and health of your app from conception through launch and beyond with this tool.

GameMaker: Studio

For those creating their first Android game, GameMaker: Studio is a fantastic choice. With just a small amount of coding and programming, the platform gives you everything you need to make a 2D game. Additionally, it features a drag-and-drop interface that makes it incredibly simple for new developers to begin their Android coding experience.

Web development and app development are becoming a booming sector as almost all businesses are introducing their online apps or websites. It needs strong expertise to build software that suits your business by using the right tech stack or tools. At SubcoDevs, we have a strong team of experts who can build the software you need exactly for your company that could get you global recognition. Reach out to us asap to get your apps at the best quality and affordable price.

6 Mind Blowing Web Apps You Should Start Using in 2023

6 Mind Blowing Web Apps You Should Start Using in 2023

As the digital world is evolving and growing at a fast pace, people are completely depending on apps for every need. All sectors including business, education, healthcare, and many more are being digitized into apps to provide them with a completely personalized experience.

There exist numerous apps that can boost your productivity by saving you time and effort and also give you proper guidelines throughout your work.

Here are six killer apps you can start using in 2023 to make your life smarter.


Based on your brief input, the AI writing assistant creates content. Modern AI algorithms can be used to compose blog entries, song lyrics, profiles, ad messages, and more. You can write blogs, essays, or anything else ten times faster with this AI-powered application. For your content, this app will locate pertinent citations and link them automatically. It can quickly paraphrase words and entire paragraphs, producing information that is 99% original.

  • Temp-mail

Temp mail is also known as disposable mail is a free email service that offers you anonymous, cost-free, secure email addresses. You can sign up anonymously using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Using temporary mail, you can receive emails from fictitious addresses at your legitimate email account for a predetermined period. Keep your true email address confidential, and keep spam and unwanted emails out of your inbox.

  • Loom

Loom is a free screen recorder app that is used to quickly record screen and camera videos. With Loom’s desktop, mobile, or Chrome extension, it operates on any device. Your viewers can watch your movie without logging in or creating an account by pasting a link to it wherever they are. To respond to videos and keep your team in touch, you may also use interactive elements, time-stamped comments, and emoji reactions.

  • Otter is an app that writes meeting summaries and real-time transcriptions using Artificial Intelligence. It also records audio and automatically captures slides. One of the main advantages is that employees can skip pointless meetings while still being informed by exchanging meeting minutes. For you and your team to be more engaged, collaborative, and productive, Otter can be used to save notes in a single, safe, and searchable location.

  • Duolingo

Duolingo is an educational app that teaches various international languages and it also offers language certification. 98 unique language courses in 38 different languages are available on this app. It integrates several techniques, including voice recording, sentence reading, word order, phrase formation, and image-word correspondence.

  • LastPass

Passwords are confidential data for every organization and individual. As every sector is digitized, losing this data has become a nightmare for all. LastPass is a password organizer and locker that stores your data which has a master password that controls all of them.

Your passwords will be safe using two-factor authentication methods like fingerprint login and cellphone pin unlocks. Its cloud-based storage, which is protected by encrypted security measures, saves all of your passwords and you can even import information from your browsers and other password manager apps using this app.

The world is getting smarter with the IT industry which constantly brings more technological revolutions to integrate all tasks into a single platform. As every need has an app today, the demand for developing an outstanding app that has a great user experience is also huge. Do you wish to have a place in the eCommerce world? At SubcoDevs, we have a team of strong experts who can deliver you what you dream of at the most affordable price. Reach us soon to turn your ideas into reality.

Top Project Management Tools You Need to Check Out

Top Project Management Tools You Need to Check Out

Project management tools have become the need of the hour as many managers struggle to finish the projects within timeline or budget. Adopting these tools can literally help you to improve your status in the present environment, using new technology and processes. They are web-based, highly interactive tools that you may use to manage your project’s schedule, plan your complete project from start to finish, and communicate with your virtual team.

The tools can help you assist with planning, coordination, resource allocation, tracking progress, and many other tasks. Moreover, it smoothes all communication with your employees and clients, finishes projects within planned budget and time and ensures your team is going in the right direction.

Here are the top seven project management tools you should try this year.

Click Up

Being the most expensive project management tool ClickUp has many amazing features that makes it unique from other tools. Freelancers can send and receive emails with this while keeping track of all of their tasks in one location. It opens you a single platform where you can manage everything including planning, tracking progress, collaborate on any project, establish marketing campaigns, construct the ideal workflow for you and your team, and  a lot more.


  • Dashboards
  • Time Tracking
  • Goals
  • Task Tray
  • Template
  • “Me Mode”


Workzone is a  web-based project management and document sharing application that is simple to use and is good at project management fundamentals like planning and time management. enables people and organizations to manage their work more effectively and transparently. Everyone stays on the same page since they have a central area to arrange and share their work.


  • Everyone can be aware of upcoming tasks.
  • Smoother and quicker communication.
  • Enhanced teamwork with easy sharing of files, assigning tasks, and to-do-lists.
  • You can set up access to all people involved.


Trello is a visual project management and tracking application that gives your team the ability to manage any kind of project. With the aid of Trello, users may visually arrange all of their jobs in a style that makes sense to them and makes it simple for other team members to comprehend what needs to be done. 


  • Butler, an automation feature.
  • Trello Boards  to monitor the progress of your project at all times.
  • Ideal for agile project management.


ProofHub is a very flexible tool such that the tremendous capabilities in this all-in-one solution mean that you won’t need to rely on tens of different programmes to complete your job. No matter how huge the number of employees is, this tool is a very scalable option for managing project activity that any organization can blindly adopt.  One of ProofHub’s strengths is that it offers essential project tools including files, time tracking, team chat, calendar, and everything else you can think of in an attractive web portal.

  • ‘Add label’ section to personalize task labels and order tasks for quick recognition.
  • You can modify workflows and assign titles between To-Do and Completed on ‘Kanban boards’.
  • Custom Reports
  • ‘Online Proofing’ for suggestions and edits.


The strength of your marketing, sales, support, and project management teams can be combined with HubSpot, an all-in-one CRM applicationIts free Marketing Hub offers you Projects, a single location for all of your tasks, documents, and communications to remain. On the same platform, you can manage every project you have under the Marketing Hub and get updates, notifications, and results instantly.


  • CRM is completely free.
  • CRM is quite easy to use, and its tools can be applied in a basic way.
  • Integrates everything and everyone, thus acts as a strong tool for collaboration.


With the use of Celoxis, businesses can manage all of their portfolios, projects, tasks, resources, timesheets, issues, and risks in one location. The tool is highly adaptable, intuitive, and loaded with many features like a free client portal that may be customized. It also has some of the best dashboards and reporting features on the market.


  • Simple collaboration, file sharing, discussion, and comment-exchanging with clients as well as colleagues.
  • Real-time 360-degree information with our incredibly strong reports and dashboards.
  • Ease in Customization.
  • Easy resource allocation according to demand, skill level, and availability of the team members.


With the help of TeamGantt, you can invite clients and coworkers to collaborate with you on projects in real time and configure permissions to allow or prevent changes for each participant. The application of Microsoft Project, Excel, and Sharepoint can all be done with the single Gantt chart application.


  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Progresses can be monitored in real-time.
  • With just one click, you may alter start and finish dates, reorder jobs, and modify your timelines.
  • Resource and budget management.

Do you have ideas in your mind, but are struggling to find the best team to execute it? Look no further. Book a call with our team at SubcoDevs to build apps with the most advanced tools and affordable price.

Top ChatGPT Alternatives You Should Check Out

Top ChatGPT Alternatives You Should Check Out

ChatGPT is getting huge global recognition and its outages could increase in frequency due to the user base. Based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, this chatbot enables users to interact with the AI by providing instructions. Therefore, people look for more AI writing tools where they can experience all features or more from ChatGPT. 

Here are some alternatives for ChatGPT you can try this year.


ChatSonic is one of the latest and best ChatGPT alternatives that enables businesses to take advantage of AI’s ability to tailor consumer experiences and boost their engagement. As it was developed on top of ChatGPT, it has tremendous potential. On the other hand, this has more functionality and a larger knowledge base than the first because it can access the Internet. It can output solutions by utilizing internet searches, which enables it to share accurate information and reduce error rates.

Google Bard

A simplified version of LaMDA, Google’s next-generation language and conversational model, powers Bard. The goal of Bard is to combine the scope of human knowledge with the power, humor, and ingenuity of the large language models. It uses data from the internet to deliver original answers and reasonable suggestions and this feature distinguishes it from ChatGPT.

Microsoft Bing

Also, the new Bing has a chat mode that collects online inquiries and enables users to ask questions based on context. Like ChatGPT, it also enables users to plan excursions, find recipes, ask for guidance, and do a lot more. It’s hardly surprising that Bing from Microsoft displays more human-like characteristics than ChatGPT.

Bing will be free to use once it is released, despite just being in a restricted preview.

Character AI

Character AI was developed using neural language models and was developed with conversations in mind during training. Contrarily, It sets itself apart by giving consumers the option to choose from a selection of personalities rather than communicating with a specific AI chatbot.

Free vector artificial intelligence template landing page


YouChat is capable of having chats, but like ChatGPT, it works better for extracting complex information from the internet and carrying out quicker, more efficient data searches.. Due to its connectivity, the bot is constantly updated with information and can therefore give accurate replies both in conversation and search results. YouChat, in contrast to ChatGPT, will also display an article written by a human, making it the ideal option if that is your main use case.

OpenAI Playground

On the surface, OpenAI playground looks very similar to ChatGPT and is essentially just a more experimental version of the same application; however, it has been available for public usage for a longer period. Overall, it is far more adaptable, allowing you to even choose the language model you’d like it to use before you ask it any questions. Also, this platform is not meant for broad usage, and this needs to be made clear straight away.

Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI works very much like a search engine. contrary to just providing you with a list, as Google does, Perplexity will produce an answer that includes information from the top site results. One feature that makes Perplexity unique is the way it organizes the sources used to produce the answers it provides to users, making it possible to determine whether they are reliable and reputable. It is also important to be noted that this platform is free and no setup is needed.

The technology is evolving day by day at a fast pace and every field incorporates these onto their businesses or processes. So, as an entrepreneur or an aspiring one you may seek for companies that provide you products or services that integrate modern technology just like the ChatGPT. If you have ideas in your mind like this outstanding invention, SubcoDevs is here to help you build your business world with the best technology and affordable price. 

Worried About Managing IT Costs in 2023 Due to Economic Downturn?

Worried About Managing IT Costs in 2023 Due to Economic Downturn?

Is your business failing to stay within budget? Are you also worried about the recession hurting your business?

You are not alone, as 74% of consumers are also concerned about the recession in 2023. The fact that the real global GDP is below pre-pandemic due to the global downturn supports this perception. 

Did you know that this grim outlook is expected to cost over  $17 trillion, or roughly 20% of global income? However, getting through the recession could be much easier if you construct a solid plan and stick to it. How’s that you ask?

Just read through and watch your problems diminish one by one.

How to Tackle Recession in 2023?

  • Continue Your Projects

Do not stop your operations. Completely shutting down or restricting projects is a temporary getaway.

Check if your company budget allows projects to continue. If so, don’t stop, since your spending is eventually going to put the economy back on track. 


Products launched during a recession have both higher long-term survival chances and higher sales revenues. That’s partly because there are fewer new products to compete with. 

But it also comes from the fact that companies maintaining R&D have focused the investment on their best prospects — which may explain why products introduced during recessions have been shown to be of higher quality.

Researches show that the best period to launch a new product is just after a recession’s mid-point. This period means customers have started thinking about non-necessities, maybe even expensive products, like cars. 

Launching a new and innovative product shows hope that the economy is healing, and consumers may soon be able to afford it.

  • Customer and Employee Vision

Reevaluate your vision, as customers and even your employees are doing so.

Reimagine what you are about to offer your customers and employees. Are your customers seeking quality products or cheaper prices? Have they switched to other products? If yes, why so.

Repeat the process keeping employees in mind. Do they prioritize stability over monetary benefits right now? Show them that staying with you is the right decision. 

Do so and you can accelerate your production while addressing customer needs. 

  • Try Autonomous and Predictive Tools

Being in the IT sector, we can assure you one thing – there are always tools to help you.

Investing in autonomous and predictive tools will make your organization quicker and more efficient. It will streamline your operations, from product development to decision-making. What’s more, is that you can rely on the tools to assess how the market dynamics are going to change.

Employing autonomous tools to perform mundane and repetitive tasks will also help you save resources. Integrate this saved manpower in areas where a human touch is needed.

  • Study Your Digital Metrics

Funnel your metrics to measure digital initiatives and assess the progress. 

It ensures you stay focused on the few that are rendering valuable outcomes. The more you study, the better insights you will fetch. Working on these insights only mean one thing, better decisions, and improved revenue.


  • Make Trade-Offs

Here starts the tough part, you need to start making trade-offs.

Start by creating a list of the resource trade-offs you can afford in budget and cost management. Establish a distinct narrative that sheds light on your thought process. Make sure that this can be translated into something that your stakeholders understand and buy. 

  • Enters Cloud Migration

Heard of cloud migration? Of course, you have. It is time to experience it as well.

Accelerate your movement by shifting to the cloud. Making the cloud a part of your purposeful digitalization serves several critical business needs. It unleashes potential opportunities while reducing the impact of surging energy prices. 

In addition, it supports your infrastructure, making room for a more nimble and adaptive approach.

  • Build your IT Digital Maturity

Whatever your strategic goals or associated plans are, ensure that your initiatives are chosen carefully. 

Your goals should not spread the company’s focus and resources thinly. Achieving enterprise ambitions is only possible when CIOs invest in these four capabilities: 

  1. Strategy
  2. Governance
  3. Architecture 
  4. IT Delivery 

Utilize diagnostic analysis to identify your IT function’s maturity level in these capabilities. Align your target level and program based on the overall ambition for the best result.

Now comes the million-dollar question – How can you cut down costs during a recession without affecting productivity? Let’s see.

Here’s How to Cut Down Costs During a Recession Without Losing Productivity 

  1. Reach out to additional IT vendors to check if someone provides similar value for a lower cost
  2. Discuss with your vendor if they can reduce hourly rates
  3. Hire IT experts to conduct effective fund and project management.
  4. See if vendors are willing to provide a milestone-based fixed cost for your project
  5. Freezing all discretionary non-essential spending – this includes costs that are not essential for the operation of the business
  6. Connect with partners and negotiate for lower 90-payment terms
  7. Request payment deferment or special terms during the crisis
  8. Look at options like extended leave without pay, furloughs, or exchanging workers with other employers

Now that you have gone through the tips, you must have a better idea of your standing and how to progress. If you are still confused or want more information on the subject, we are here to help you out. Reach our IT experts to understand how to manage costs and survive during a recession.

How to Avoid Errors When Coding Apps

How to Avoid Errors When Coding Apps

Modern users have started relying on apps for almost every need. That is why every other business is deploying an app to represent its operations.

However, in order to launch a successful app, you must develop an error-free code. Doing so can be intricate as you must carefully plan, test, and write the program. In addition, the app must be coded in a way that makes it easy to update in the future.

The process is complicated even further by coding errors. While coding three types of errors can occur generally – syntax, logic, and runtime errors. Fixing these errors is important to provide the users with an uninterrupted experience.

Are you also worried about facing these errors in your app development process? Are you facing delays because of constant errors? Here are some general app development tips you should follow while coding them.

Top Things to Consider When Coding Apps

  • Modularization

Writing functions that only perform one task is the greatest method to make sure that codes are simple to understand. There may be important functions in your software, so create modules for them to facilitate the isolation of a particular program in it. This is an effective way to fix bugs faster.

  • Create a Version Control

Create a version control over the code that is being used and modified. If a mistake is made, programmers can go back in time and review prior iterations of the code to help fix it while causing the least amount of interruption to the entire team. There exist different versions of codes that can be shared by multiple programmers at the same time.

  • Bug Trackers

Keep bug trackers by creating a “bug file” to track and identify bugs. The file will help you with information that is sometimes necessary for resolving issues while the software is being developed and can be kept from being lost.

  • Use a Linter

Linter programmatically scans your code to determine whether the code behavior can lead to bugs or inconsistencies. Using a linter before compiling can save a lot of time when errors caused by syntax and typing are identified. 

  • Program Documentation

Create documentation by understanding the whole system to find solutions to fix bugs and errors in the code. It may include comments and user manuals, and it plays a crucial role in software projects to not repeat errors again. It makes it simpler for upcoming developers to maintain and update the code as well as understand it.

These tips can minimize or eliminate errors while you code by improving your efficiency and saving a lot of time. The risk is less while you use these techniques and you can trust the process without any doubt.

Do you have great ideas in your mind but don’t know how to execute them? Look no further. At SubcoDevs, we have strong expertise to turn your dreams into reality.

Top Reasons Why Companies Go Over Budget

Top Reasons Why Companies Go Over Budget

Budgets are always a challenging factor for both clients and managers. According to statistics, every project goes over budget in some way in at least 85% of cases.  These situations usually occur due to unforeseen events and some unnoticed factors while managing a project. Fortunately, if you are aware of what might go wrong, you can tip the scales in your favor. You can reduce the likelihood of running out of money by building a contingency plan.

  • Poor Communication

Good communication is the key from planning to completion. Good communication improves your resilience in the face of unexpected change – and almost every project changes in some way between planning and completion. Along with the client, it also entails coordinating with organizations or people who will be directly involved in the implementation, such as suppliers, experts, and the rest of the project team. 

Poor communication can lead to a lack of understanding of the project, goals, scope, objectives, deadlines, and cost. It is highly important to have constant interaction between clients and among team members at each step of the process to ensure the project is on the right track and will be completed within the estimated budget.

  • Lack of Proper Planning

Contingency in planning is crucial to identify the risk factors that affect the budget. Ignoring the planning process or giving less attention can cause a huge burden on the budget towards the project completion. Project managers use their contingency plans when plans need to be adjusted to ensure that deliverables will be accomplished without withdrawing finances from other areas of the project. 

  • Poor Resource Allocation

Planning resources carefully helps in more precise cost projections and simpler budget management. If poor resources are allotted for the project, it can result in financial difficulties and even the entire cancellation of a project. To keep the budget in control and the projects on schedule, ordering good-quality, reasonably priced flooring and appliances would have been a better option.

  • Unexpected Damages

Damages and malfunctions can occur which will be totally unexpected and it may cause a severe loss and may demand more budget to complete the project. To keep the project moving forward when important equipment breaks down on the job site, gets damaged during installation, or performs sub-optimally, it must be ordered again, replaced, or repaired. It would be better if a percentage of each project budget is set aside as a precaution.

Every company’s reputation depends on the satisfaction of the client and it occurs only when you complete the project with the efficient use of resources and budget. A trustworthy project management application that integrates data on your resources and the project budget can be an asset for the successful completion of a project.

Do you wish to implement your business dreams into reality? Contact our team at SubcoDevs, we are here to turn your ideas into a profitable business.

Top Signs You Need an Expert IT Team

Top Signs You Need an Expert IT Team

Every business owner wishes to have a streamlined process that includes planning a project, budgeting, and timely delivery without any failures. But most of the time some factors affect this and may kill a lot of time for you and your employees. Hiring an IT expert team is a quick strategic action you can take in these situations, thereby your focus will only be on productivity and ideas rather than problems. 

Here are some signs that remind you to hire an expert team as soon as possible.

  • Project Optimization

Managing and delivering large-scale IT projects is critical to stay reputed among others and sometimes it could be challenging due to several issues. An expert IT team can help your business run on the right track with project management and capability building. The right team can help you in completing important IT projects on schedule and under budget, all while maximizing productivity and efficiency for the company.

  • Unpredictable Expenses

The more money you spend on an internal workforce to provide your IT services, the less money you have to support the expansion of your company. Usually, IT expenses include technician labor, technological maintenance, network infrastructure, and hardware maintenance. Along with these new problems may arise each time that adds again to your expenses. But when you hire an IT professional, you need to pay only for the resources you need and the expert will take care of all activities for your work to get done smoothly.

  • Staying Competent

As there are a huge number of IT companies, it is crucial to stay on top of the game. This requires the smooth running of all programs and functions to improve your productivity and revenue. The majority of businesses concentrate on patching, deploying, and troubleshooting their current technological setups. This takes a lot of time that could be used on bigger strategic issues. A specialized IT expert can free up this time so your employees can benefit your company more.

  • Security Issues

Security is the most crucial factor that contributes to your company’s reputation. You could easily have your company’s computer networks and systems hacked if you are not vigilant. And that’s a major problem in a world where attackers are common and rivals might try to obtain your confidential information. But, with professional IT services, you can do constant scanning and security check without interrupting your work. 

  • Constant Maintenance

Many companies focus on checking their current issues with provisioning, patches, and troubleshooting. This can be good but it kills you a lot of time. You require managed IT services that can give you expert advice and 24/7 technical assistance to keep your company abreast of the most recent technological developments. Cloud services, network security, off-site backup, and IT consultancy are all provided by an expert.

There are a lot of factors you should consider to stay competent in this digital era. Everyone seeks perfection and fast productivity. Hire an expert IT team, so you can focus on more important issues and ideas.

Do you have ideas, but are struggling to execute them? Don’t worry anymore. Reach us at SubcoDevs, we are here to turn your ideas into reality.

How Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Hours of Work & Dollars

How Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Hours of Work & Dollars

Preventive maintenance is routine maintenance carried out on equipment to lower the likelihood of equipment failure and unexpected machine downtime. These practices can save maintenance teams and facility managers from a huge burden of expenses. 

Based on current data insights, effective preventative maintenance is planned and scheduled and is often carried out while the equipment is working. The proactive approach boasts numerous benefits, helping businesses save hours of work and thousands of dollars. Here is how:

Top 5 Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

  • Lowering the Risk of Failures

The most important benefit of preventive maintenance is reducing risks of failure that could severely affect the productivity and reputation of the company. Almost 90% of mechanical breakdowns in industrial equipment are caused by problems that may be avoided with a thorough preventative maintenance plan because only 10% or less of industrial equipment ever genuinely wears out from the proper operation. Introducing proper maintenance scheduling can lower the risks and give you smooth working conditions.

  • Boosting Efficiency

Preventive maintenance can boost efficiency by improving performance and quality. Reduced unplanned downtime, increased asset reliability, lower maintenance costs, and improved manufacturing processes all contribute to preventive maintenance’s capacity to assist organizations to increase the efficiency of their work. 

  • Reduces Expenses

The ultimate benefit from this is that the managers can save from the burden of expenses for continuously solving the issues. Typically, unplanned or unexpected maintenance costs 3 to 9 times as much as preventive maintenance. When you initially start performing preventative maintenance, the upfront fees may seem huge, especially if your facility is on a limited budget. But, preventive maintenance is an investment for your company’s betterment. 

  • Increased Life for the Equipment

Preventive maintenance can maximize the time of use of the equipment and can save a lot of time and money in repairing or replacement of parts. By conserving your resources, you can cut back on utility bills, which make up a great portion of operational expenses. Increased equipment life expectancy is possible when you implement a preventive maintenance strategy or plan for your devices.

  • More Productivity

As preventive maintenance provides uninterrupted working conditions, it increases productivity by reducing time on reactive work and increasing the ability to manage it. Workflow efficiency is greatly improved when handheld technologies are combined with asset management, work order management, and inspections.

As we always say ‘prevention is better than cure’, preventive maintenance increases the life of a company’s infrastructure, machinery, and assets. It is a safe and strong investment you can provide your company. It has a huge potential to boost system dependability, increase machine uptime, reduce equipment breakdowns, and boost production plant efficiency at a low cost of operation. 

Do you have ideas but don’t know how to execute them? Look no further. Reach us at SubcoDevs, your dreams are safe in our trusted hands and we can make them a reality. 

Is IT a Bottleneck in the Growth of Your Company?

Is IT a Bottleneck in the Growth of Your Company?

IT or information technology is a sector that has grown substantially in the past decade. The domain has accrued a massive 5.3 trillion dollars in spendings alone during 2022. 

As the third industrial revolution is peaking, the industry is expected to rise even more. While IT can help a company flourish in the market, its ineffective execution can lead to disasters. Over our 8+ years of market experience, we have come across multiple companies whose growth had been hindered because of their IT infrastructure.

Do you want to know how IT can slow down development of a million dollar product? Are you curious about how it can become a bottleneck in the growth of a company? Are your IT operations restricting your progress? Have you been struggling to deploy new technologies, systems, and app features?

Read through to gain valuable insights regarding everything IT and its prevalent related issues. 

Common IT Issues Faced by Modern Companies 

IT Unaligned with Product Goals

Surprised to hear a department as crucial as IT can deviate from product goals? It happens, and more often than you’d expect. Read through the given situations and see if they seem familiar:

  • Imagine a situation where IT has little too much stake in deciding what features are built in the upcoming quarter.
  • The focus on IT is derailing goals set by the Product Team for the quarter.

This situation gives imagery of a boat where each rower is not rowing the boat in the same direction.

Want to know where we are coming from? We experienced this issue with one of our clients, where the Tech Lead heavily influenced the Product team. This led to IT becoming the primary rower in the company. 

As expected, it enabled uneven results, leading to even worse revenue and growth. Such situations can cost a company the opportunity to leverage available opportunities. It can also delay the deployment of app features, causing strife among stakeholders.

Misplaced Coordination or Capability Issues

Three of the most common hurdles we have witnessed in most companies’ IT infrastructure are:

  1. Capacity bottlenecks
  2. Going over budget 
  3. Overcommitment

An incompetent or misdirected IT team will lead to one thing, failures. Similarly, if IT processes are not streamlined, the results will remain unsatisfactory. In this fashion, overcommitting to certain features or processes can also spell disaster for a company.

Such issues can only be removed after a thorough assessment and revamping of the existing processes.

IT Department not Following Processes

Another common mistake conducted by several IT teams is not following guidelines or processes. In some cases, companies have failed to execute segmented frameworks like Agile or Scrum. This causes friction, resulting in a productivity downfall.

Lack of Agility or Communication

While handling complex product decisions, it becomes crucial for everyone to be on the same page. This is true among in-built teams and clients as well. You must address their concern and expectation with proper communication for a smooth process. 

At the same time, ensuring that the team is flexible enough to execute upcoming changes is also critical. Besides this, implementing a software without proper architecture also counts among common issues faced by companies. Tools like Slack, Clickup, Trello, or even Google Docs and Sheets, etc. can address such issues. 

Note: Remember that the chat tools such as Slack, Skype or Telegram aren’t project management tools.

Heavy Documentation without Follow-Up

While documenting a project’s activities counts as good work ethics, too much documentation can cost unnecessary resources. In addition, not following the comprehensive documentation during the development process can be drastic.

Poor Risk Management

Like it or not, every project comes with risks. It falls on the IT department whether it can forecast and mitigate it or not. And while minimizing risks is important, being completely mundane without trying new methods is not advised either.

An expert IT team understands to take calculated risks that lead to better results.

Lack of Domain Knowledge

A lack of market knowledge or resources is an unavoidable issue for many organizations. As expected, such issues cost the company tremendously. Under such circumstances, it is ideal to look for third-party IT experts, like SubcoDevs, to maintain your operations. Doing so can save your time, efforts, and resources.

In Conclusion

IT can make or break an organization, especially in today’s digital world. That is why carrying on with an ineffective IT infrastructure is bound to impose heavy growth restrictions. Thus, our IT experts have curated a list of common issues faced by companies worldwide.

We have encountered and solved such issues for many clients successfully. The result? We have helped clients establish a unified IT infrastructure from a system that failed to deploy features for months. Take a look at what the client had to say about it here.

Want to resolve your IT issues or wish to learn more about the topic? Let’s meet over a quick call.