Tom Manatos

Key Challenges
-User Interface for pocket job portal application
-Subscription process testing
-Apple Receipt Format
-Server Modes

User Interface for pocket job portal application - To make the application according to the modern era is never less than a challenge. To meet the UI specifications and screen detailings was a challenge.

Subscription process testing - To test the subscription functionality before making the application live was another challenge. It was an important part so as to make sure that the user doesn’t face any issues during in-app purchases.

Apple Receipt Format - The application was first built in 2012 which supports old iOS versions only. The major challenge faced was when old app is updated, as apple has changed their receipt format for the updated or newer applications. So, apple doesn’t support the old receipt format as soon as app is updated.

Server Modes Challenge - Till the time application doesn’t go live (i.e approved by iTunes & available for download), it remains in sandbox mode only. The problem was server sends receipt to apple without attaching the flag of the mode of the application against the receipt. Ideally, server remains in production mode only. So, it is sending the receipt of production mode to apple. Apple denies as the application is still in sandbox mode. Ultimately, both the receipts doesn’t match which results in failing of subscription process.


  • Backend -
  • C#
  • Frontend -
  • iOS

Proposition & Solution

  • Creation of PSD’s for better User interface and mobile compatibility.
  • Sandbox Testing for verifying In-app purchases flow
  • Updation of the receipt format as per apple’s new receipt format.
  • Provided a tweak att server side which will attach the flag against the receipt. If in case sever sent the production mode receipt to apple and if apple denies it, then server will send the sandbox mode receipt to apple with flag attached against the receipt.

Results & Benefits

  • PSD’s creation enriched the look and feel of the application.
  • Sandbox Testing makes easy path for subscription process testing.
  • Updation of receipt format solves the problem of not supporting the existing receipt format.
  • Server mode solution resolves the failing of in-app purchases.