Mobile App Development vs Computer App Development

The ultimate aim of any app development procedure is to provide a user-friendly, seamless experience to the users. While mobile app developers only work on programs for use on mobile devices, web developers exclusively work on websites. Understanding the distinctions is crucial for developing a successful digital product.

Here are some main distinctions between the mobile app and web app development.

  • Platform Dependency

Mobile Applications fall under the Native applications category that works under a mobile?device’s operating system (OS). Mobile app development platforms have improved user interface, and offline access, and provide direct access to the users.

Web apps provide a wider range of functions compared to mobile apps. Most web-based apps are not affected by the platform used and they work independently. So they can be called platform-independent web-based apps. 

  • Functionality

Mobile app users usually have limited functionality compared to visitors to full-featured websites, and many of these applications have a particular goal in mind.

Compared to smartphone apps, web apps offer a far wider range of features. The user is sent to a specific web page, and all data is saved on a server-based database.

  • Development Process

Because they are platform-specific, mobile applications are more expensive to create than web apps. To launch an app across several platforms, design, and development must essentially start over. Apple apps are built using either Objective-C or Swift, and the Xcode IDE and android apps use Android Studio or Eclipse IDE.

There is no standardized software development kit for creating web apps, in contrast to mobile apps. Web apps are typically quicker and easier to create than mobile apps, but their feature sets are far more limited. JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Python are frequently used in the development of these apps.

  • Skills Needed

While iOS developers can use Java or Kotlin with the Eclipse IDE, Android developers can utilize Swift, Objective-C, and the XCode IDE. The languages that hybrid apps use the most frequently are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The developers should have the ability to research, develop, launch, and identify areas of improvement for the clients.

Web app development needs skills that include an aptitude for high-quality code using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The developers should have the knowledge to test code, detect errors, resolve issues, and track changes made to the code. Also, the skillset to handle web development tools such as libraries, frameworks, content management systems (CMS), and bug-tracking tools is also required.

The purpose of your project will determine whether you need a mobile app or a web app. A smartphone app is suited for developing a game or similar self-contained software. However, web apps are the best to reach a big audience over the internet, as it allows more freedom. 

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