About Us

SubcoDevs is a custom software and app development company having expertise in the health and wellness industry. With 8+ years of experience we have worked over 200 successful projects. We are constantly looking for challenging and meaningful projects that can bring a difference to people’s lives.

Who We Are

We, at SubcoDevs, are a team of IT professionals who are determined to deliver results-driven and scalable products. We hire for culture and our culture is “constant growth together”. Each one of us is constantly evolving and helping everyone in the team learn new things everyday. That’s how we are always prepared with the latest technology updates to build a futuristic product for our clients. 

Under the guidance of our “Founder and CEO - Subodh Srivastava”, we have thrived and scaled leaps and bounds to build an impressive portfolio. That’s how we also became Top 3% Talent on UpWork

  • What We Envision

    Contributing meaningfully to the business of our clients while creating a positive impact on the society.

  • With a Purpose

    To provide businesses with turn-key solutions based upon the latest technology trends and become their trusted technology partner.

Our team is our core strength and we treat them with dignity and respect. We create small milestones and put all the needed energy behind it to achieve the objectives. We would like to continue the endeavor as we grow and achieve new milestones.

We are grateful to our customers for providing an opportunity to work on some of the most challenging projects. We promise to keep their trust in us, project after project, year after year.

  • Dependable

    Take ownership of assigned tasks and be honest with commitments. Don’t lie even if things get screwed.

  • Offering exceptional value

    Listen to customer needs, and do everything possible to exceed expectations.

  • Quest for perfection

    Improve and innovate continuously. Pursue excellence in everything that you do.

  • Respect Individuals

    Treat others as you would like yourself be treated.

How We Started

Subodh started working toward his business idea in 2014 with a small remote team. People loved his work. In August 2015, he registered his company office in India and started building the team. It worked out pretty well and he ended up registering another office in the USA in 2016!

Yes, we were already an MNC within 2 years! After that, we experienced rapid growth in team, testing and development devices, etc, which resulted in exponential growth. By this time, we were used to seeing immense growth in our revenues. People definitely loved us. With this confidence, we shifted to our own office in India and continued growing.

2021 was another very big milestone because we registered our office in Canada. These days, Subodh is busy building a team in Canada and rapidly hiring new talents. Lately, our company’s focus is on improving the culture and growth opportunities for team members. Let’s see what new milestones we reach in the years to come.

In Subodh’s words:

“When I was a kid, I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t ask for it when I graduated from college. I had an innate feeling though, to do something different and it seems to have happened. I happen to become a first-generation entrepreneur and I feel obsessively grateful and blessed. It’s been a little over 8 years since this all started and I must say it has been a very successful experience and a rewarding journey. I met with a lot of talented individuals, shared thoughts, and discussed ideas. It also feels good to be a contributor towards generating employment.”

We have built a strong team of Engineers over the past several years who are dedicated to the success of your product. Our team has enabled us to build awesome Mobile and Web apps for some of the most challenging projects. We have heavily invested in building strong processes and methodologies which ensure predictable results and repeat success.

We can take your idea for an App and build it into a high-quality MAP i.e. Maximully-Awesome-Product (MVP is passe). As the product evolves further, we can continue to support, scale, and grow with you as needed.

Our Esteemed Clients