About Us

Who We Are

We, at SubcoDevs, are a team of IT professionals who are determined to repair products. Each one of us is constantly evolving and helping everyone in the team learn new things everyday. That’s how we are always prepared with the latest technology updates to repair every product thrown our way. 

Under the guidance of our “Founder and CEO – Subodh Srivastava”, we have thrived and scaled leaps and bounds to build an impressive portfolio. That’s how we also became Top 3% Talent on UpWork.

Our Mission

Our goal for the upcoming 10 years is to help at least 100 companies reach a minimum annual revenue of $1M. With our assistance, we want to ensure that IT is never a challenge for them.

Our Core Values Are

At SubcoDevs, our goal is to facilitate a seamless app experience to every client. We do it with:

Effective Communication

We document every step and use tools like ClickUp to keep everyone on the same page.

Thorough Transparency

Whatever issue you run into, you will get a transparent “Yes” or “Let Us Figure It Out” response.

Beyond Technology

We won’t simply fix your app’s scalability & performance, we’ll also streamline your processes

No Complications

We won’t bombard you with terminologies. Instead, we’ll share every option in a desired manner.

How We Started

Subodh started working toward his business idea in 2014 with a small remote team. People loved his work. In August 2015, he registered his company office in India and started building the team. It worked out pretty well and he ended up registering another office in the USA in 2016!

From there, we started working on different product development projects. But somewhere along the line, our clientele shifted to companies facing issues with their existing dev shops. 

We made the decision to move away from “new” software development due to the recurring issues we encountered with the projects received from other development shops. The projects we were getting exhibited a variety of problems, ranging from logical issues, bugs, crashes, performance and scalability issues, to delays and billing-related complications. 

As a result of these challenges, we chose to pivot our focus towards alleviating the pain experienced by growing companies. Specifically, our aim is to address the common problem where their IT infrastructure is not aligned with their Product goals. This alignment issue can hinder the growth and success of these companies, leading to inefficiencies, wasted resources, and missed opportunities. 

By focusing on providing solutions that bridge the gap between IT and Product goals, we can help your company streamline the IT operations, improve software quality, enhance project management, and ultimately foster growth and success. 

This pivot not only allows us to leverage our expertise in software development but also positions our services to cater to a critical pain point in the market. 

By targeting the pain points experienced by growing companies and offering tailored solutions to address specific needs, we would like to establish our reputation as a reliable partner for companies seeking to align their IT with their broader Product goals.

In Subodh’s words

We founded SubcoDevs back in 2014 with a simple mission – helping businesses build productive apps. Over the years, we helped several clients figure out underlying issues within their IT and Product Management team. We expanded our reach across the US and Canada during those years, establishing offices in both regions. 

We deviated from software development to software repair and maintenance because we were getting 80% of our projects from other dev shops. Every project we took was broken in its own way, be it logical issues, bugs, crashes, performance issues, scalability issues, delays. That is why we decided to focus on alleviating the pain the founders go through on a regular basis. 

We put emphasis on aligning IT with other departments while avoiding the age-old issues – constant delays and overbilling. Our team thrives on the back of collaboration, transparency, and innovation. Whether you’re seeking innovative solutions or reliable fixes, we’re here to transform your ideas into reality.

Here’s to building a future where technology works seamlessly for you!


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