Case Studies

A glance of our Quality Work, Technology Excellence, Support and Amazing Testing Efforts.

Zoundz App

Zoundz mobile app development requirement came to us with the purpose of helping pet owners and vets. The purpose of this application is to help relax the pets and reduce their stress with the help of music. We were given the music and the purpose to build the app. Separate music stations were needed to be developed as per animals; along with the feature to connect with different streaming devices. We integrated the app with Alexa, Google Home, Chromecast, etc. Also, the ease-of-use and comfort were supposed to be given topmost importance.


  • Android App: Native Application
  • iOS: Native Application
  • Admin Panel Frontend: Express JS
  • Admin Panel Backend: Node JS
  • API Integration: Node JS
  • Google Home Integration: Action Console, Firebase
  • Alexa Integration: AWS

Rythmos CM App


The present Rythmos CM mobile app is a reengineered version of an existing app, which was previously built on the Ionic Framework. At SubcoDevs, we rebuilt the app in native iOS and Android to enhance the performance and usability. Additionally, more features are added to the app to improve scalability and performance.


  • Android App:
  • Android Studio
  • Java, Kotlin
  • iOS App:
  • Tool: Xcode 12.1
  • Swift
  • Apple Health Kit

NIRA Temp App

The NIRA Temp mobile app development requirement came to us with a simple core idea of IoT (Internet of Things) app development, that is, the app will check the body temperature of a person in real-time with the help of a small sticker placed in the armpit. The NIRA Temp App works with the NIRA Temp thermometer to provide real-time insight into the user's temperature and sends alerts at the first sign of an abnormal temperature. Users can better ensure that they are healthy before, during, and after all social interactions to help protect against the spread of disease.


  • Android App:
  • Android Studio (Retrofit)
  • Native Android
  • Backend Language:
  • PHP
  • Code Management Tool:
  • GIT-Lab
  • Graph Screens Designing :
  • MP Chart