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iOS App Development

Crafting masterpieces for Apple that come with an amazing UI for a brilliant UX using cutting-edge technology for a strong foundation. A quick and tidy code is made sure for flawless functioning.

Android App Development

Building mind-boggling Android apps with the highly researched and planned strategy backed by the latest technology. Many apps are designed pretty, but apps that work are rare.

Ruby On Rails Web Design & Development

RubyOnRails technology is amazing for creating easy-to-use - scalable websites and it is quite cost-effective as well as fast. The best part of RoR is - it is a framework itself.

Expertise in Hardware Integration and Testing

It’s always exciting to work on a challenging project and excitement gets doubled with a hardware toy to be integrated to software. There is plenty of API communication between hardware and an App; and we love when hardware starts dancing to app-tunes. (App-tunes: we just coined a new word.)

PHP Web Development

Creating wonderfully designed PHP websites and developing all sorts of imaginations to build even more magical products. The feel of a website comes from its code in the background.

React JS Web Development

Doggedly executing React JS web design and development projects for the tailored requirements of many interesting products. React JS makes flexible and efficient websites.


With 99%+ on-time with quality project completion, agile project management, well-streamed process and JIRA communication, we have delivered projects of varying domains.

How We are Different



Our unique access to world-class developers at incredible rates enable us to build amazing mobile apps at a fraction of the cost vs. other development agencies. In addition to our in-house team of senior developers, we maintain a pool of qualified resources available on-demand.



We can take your idea for an App and build it into a high-quality proof-of-concept (or minimum-viable-product). Most of our projects will typically start at $5,000 and rarely exceed $20,000 USD. If the project evolves further, we can continue to support, scale and grow with you as needed.



Let’s get started on a small task free of cost, with no strings attached. If we meet your expectations, it’s time to team up and do something bigger! With zero risk, why not give us a try?



Q1. Would your team be available to speak to us?

A1. Absolutely, yes. We are fond of collaboration, communication & reporting which are pillars of success in a remote work environment. We will onboard business stakeholders (that’s you and your colleagues) and our team members (Developers, Technical Lead, Technical Product Manager, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance Analyst, etc) together on one Project Management platform such as ClickUp.


Product Manager would be your first point of contact. You will know who all are working on your project and you can talk to anyone in the team.

Q2. We already have an in-house team of Developers. Why you?

A2. It’s great to have an in-house team, however, we would love to help when your project demands resource augmentation.


To clarify, we have no intentions to replace your current team, however, we would like to be there when you or your developers need help.


We use standard Git practices related to code push, pull and branch management, so it’s easier to work with other developers.


We maintain API Documentation and architecture diagrams so it’s easy for technical resources to get easily acclimated with project at any phase.


Q3. Who will manage our project?

A3. We have a strong team of technical product managers and senior developers who ensure projects are delivered within estimated budget and timelines.


We ensure regular updates and constant communication using Project Management took called ClickUp.


We spend time conducting a thorough analysis of current state of your project (Point A) and build a systematic, week-by-week plan to achieve the RESULTS (that’s Point B) you have envisioned for your product.


We plan the work and work the plan so you know what to expect during the project duration and after the project is over.

Q4. What’s your delivery model?

A4. We listen to your requirements carefully so we don’t miss the fine details. Our senior developers write clean, manageable code, and build scalable, secure and performance oriented architecture and database. Jira, ClickUp, Basecamp, Github, etc are toys our team simply loves.


We have developed a Results Mechanism so Clients can see how we deliver results to them. Let us summarize it in 5 steps:


  1. Careful Assessment
  2. Thorough Analysis
  3. Solution Selection
  4. Planned Implementation
  5. Ongoing Optimization

Q5. Quality of delivery has been our biggest concern. Can you help?

A5. We got a kick-as$ team of Quality Assurance Analysts packed with over 30 iOS & Android devices of all shapes and sizes apart from Mac & Windows laptops to help catch and kill the bugs.


For Mobile app projects, App is tested on 3-5 devices.


For Web projects, Application is reviewed on 3-5 browser-device combinations.


We can discuss to increase test coverage on upto 20 device-browser combinations for a small fee. We can plan to use BrowserStack (paid service) for extended coverage on multiple devices for complete peace of mind.

Q6. All sounds good, how to get started?

A6. Thank you for your consideration. Please send an email to info@subcodevs.com and send all the necessary information. One of our team members will be in touch soon to set up a discovery call.


Once we decide to move forward, we will send a proposal for us to agree on a common path forward.


The proposal will include Milestones and corresponding Payment structure in case of a Fixed-Price project.


Once proposal is approved by you, we will share a detailed Project Delivery Plan which is what team is going to execute during course of product development.


If you have additional questions, we should be able to answer them during the discovery call.