BrainTap Case Study

BrainTap is a cutting-edge neuroscience-based app that elevates
users’ brain potential. The app is backed by neuroscience and research,
with proof to help users sleep, think, and perform better. The focus behind
BrainTap is to revitalize users’ overall wellness via better brain fitness.

 The app achieves this by tapping into different neural pathways and enhancing
their productivity. Simply using BrainTap for 20 minutes can result in a 38.5% decrease
in stress. Packing such functionalities has enabled the app to be featured in
renowned publications, like Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and Men’s Journal.

Technological Stack and Infrastructure

BrainTap has integrated a wide array of technologies to deliver the most precise cerebral experience, including:

Ruby on Rails

As a robust web application framework, Ruby on Rails facilitates BrainTap to employ rapid and maintainable code.


This reliable relational database management system is key to BrainTap’s secure data storage and retrieval.

AWS (Fargate, ECS, S3, LoadBalancer)

The AWS components have been integrated within BrainTap for seamless deployment of containerized applications and optimized traffic distribution.

GitLab CI/CD

With GitLab CI/CD, the app maintains streamlined workflows, efficient collaboration, and reliable delivery of code changes to production.


As a comprehensive customer relationship management, HubSpot empowers BrainTap to manage leads, automate marketing processes, and enhance customer engagement.


BrainTap leverages Zapier to automate workflows by connecting different apps and services, leading to the smooth exchange of data and actions across the applications.


The logistics and fulfilment platform assists BrainTap in shipping services and enhancing overall operational efficiency.


The popular online payment processing platform is the cornerstone of BtainTap’s secure financial transactions.


With Terraform, BrainTap enables the automation and management of cloud infrastructure for resource provisioning and deployment processes.

Key Features

Auricular therapy with LED visor and headset
Bluetooth 4.2 pairing for wireless connectivity
Brainwave technology for brain fitness
Remote access across different devices
Quick access to several cerebral exercises

Client’s Needs Addressing

Addressing Client Requirements and Overcoming Challenges

BrainTap reached the SubcoDevs team after being stuck in a never-ending loop of delays and overbilling. The team was unable to achieve satisfactory results even after spending 160,000 dollars per month. 

The client wanted to fix lingering coding and development issues in the app. BrainTap sought consultation from several IT teams, many of which deemed the issues impossible to fix. However, our developers took on the challenge and resolved the issues comprehensively.

We did not stop here as we brainstormed with BrainTap to find new ways to improve the app. The client decided to develop an API for better integration and cross-promotion of the app. 

Above everything, the BrainTap team wanted technical expertise to minimize downtime and deploy new features and timely updates.