BrainTap Case Study

BrainTap is a neuroscience-based app
that optimizes users’ brain potential. The
app is backed by neuroscience and
research, with proof to help users sleep,
think, and perform better. Using BrainTap
for simply 20 minutes can result in a 38.5%
decrease in stress! 

Technologies Employed

Ruby on rail
AWS (Fargate, ECS and EC2, Bastian Host, CloudFront)
GitLab CI/CD​


Auricular therapy with LED visor and headset
Bluetooth 4.2 pairing for wireless connectivity
Brainwave technology for brain fitness
Remote access across different devices
Quick access to several cerebral exercises

Customer Requirements

BrainTap reached the SubcoDevs team after being overbilled for 160,000 dollars per
month. The client wanted to fix lingering coding and development issues in the app,
which the previous team stated were impossible to fix.

The client wanted to develop an API for better integration and cross promotion. Above
everything, the BrainTap team desired technical expertise to keep the app functional
while pushing new features and updates.

Challenges Faced

The biggest challenge our team faced was a lack of documentation handover. Our developers did not receive any records from the old team, making it challenging for us to get started. With 10,000+ code lines in play, we had to navigate through technical complications from the get go.
Our team helped the client get their app functionalities integrated with 3rd parties. Xt helped BrainTap promote its services without overwhelming other platforms.
Moreover, we set up their process including setting up a PM tool, so that XT stayed fully aligned with the product team. Our developers brought down their cost to 50,000 dollars per month (previously 160K)
In addition, we completed the APX documentation process to help the client maintain a thorough record. e provided such assistance in six months and are currently working with BrainTap for new requirements

Final Product

The current BrainTap app is capable of connecting with different devices wirelessly. Xt can
stimulate users’ minds to improve their cerebral functioning and performance.

The app can also be integrated with 3rd party platforms for cross promotion. The
BrainTap Android app has 10k+ downloads on the Google Play Store. Similarly, the iOS
app has 840+ reviews, giving BrainTap a rating of 4.9 stars.