Rythmos CM App


The present Rythmos CM mobile app is a reengineered version of an existing app, which was previously built on the Ionic Framework. At SubcoDevs, we rebuilt the app in native iOS and Android to enhance the performance and usability. Additionally, more features are added to the app.

About Rythmos CM App

Rythmos CM is a caregiver app to assist seniors better with its simple-yet-effective features. The app has many helpful features, and most important features of the app include maps and alerts. With the help of 3D view maps, the entire facility can be seen floor-wise along with the location of the individuals. Alerts are helpful in notifying the caregivers immediately when a resident needs help.


  • Android App:
  • Android
  • Java
  • iOS App:
  • iOS
  • Swift
  • C Objective

One Step Ahead Execution

1. In order to achieve the desired and exclusive results in PTT feature, we closely worked with the engineers of VoiceLayer and Apple.
2. The Wrld3D Maps SDK had some shortcomings. So, we collaborated with their engineers, gained access to their proprietary codebase, and made required changes to their SDK to suit our needs.

Problem Solution

Legacy coding Rewrote the Ionic app in native iOS and Android, which also improved the performance and usability of the app. Ionic had some key challenges with custom maps integration. Outdated design Redesigned the entire App for better user experience, and added new screens for additional features.

Added new features

  • Caregivers can now receive alerts in the form of push notifications sent by the residents/seniors from their mobile as well as some other devices.
  • Communication between caregivers is now enabled in the app with the help of Push-To-Talk (PTT) feature using VoiceLayer SDK.
  • Also, added business logic so that caregivers could initiate PTT calls with the individuals as well as in the group.
  • Incorporated Wrld3D Maps, so that caregivers can locate people in the facility with the help of a BLE mesh network created within the facility.
  • Caregivers can also locate misplaced Bluetooth (BLE) Pendants.
  • Also, implemented the HealthKit step counter for caregivers with business logic. This helps the facility manager in tracking the steps of the caregivers.

Key Features

  • App provides different types of alerts from patients as well as non-patients, which are reflected in the map using different markers.
  • Deactivate patient alerts when the caregiver is within the set range.
  • Tracking beacon using BLE, which also shows the accurate distance.
  • PTT feature runs in both foreground and background.
  • Different types of notifications are provided in the app such as alert generation, alert deactivation, low battery,etc.
  • Switching multiple floors of the facility in the app.


1. In the PTT feature, VoiceLayer SDK allows caregivers to send and receive audio in both foreground and background.
2. Wrld3D Maps SDK shows facilities in both 2D and 3D mode. Inside of the facility is visible with the option of selecting floors.
3. One Signal is used to send and receive the notifications.


Rythmos CM mobile app is very futuristic and helpful in making the facilities for seniors more comfortable. Now, the caregivers can provide instant and better service with the help of push notifications. Facility management also stays aware of the efforts given by caregivers with the help of steps counter. Along with all other features, the overall performance of the app is faster and better to help the seniors and their caregivers.