The Best Android Apps for Your Chromebook


Chromebooks have been making inroads in the professional world as of late. They are small and light enough for use on the go, but powerful enough to run any software or apps you put at them. With apps, you can do virtually anything from your laptop or desktop computer. Chromebooks are perfect for students who want to work anywhere and everywhere. Here is a list of our favorite Chromebook Android Apps. If you are looking for something specific, feel free to check out our list of the best Android device apps!


This is that one platform which will be available to you every single where. Even if you are using an iPhone operating system, you will be getting Netlfix for you for sure. If you are using an Android or Laptop, you will definitely be using Netflix. It is a leading franchise in terms of the digital platform for movies as well as web series. So it can definitely be referred to as one of the best apps out there. With Chromebook, you can always look to get access to Netflix with all the content that is flowing around out there.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This is another app that is available for you through the medium of Chromebook. Photoshop is a requirement because most of the people in today’s day and age want to click pictures almost all the time. It is like the number of times your breath needs to equal the number of pictures you take on your phone. In order to move further, you will probably be looking to use Photoshop as well as a medium of editing the pictures out nicely and crisply. In that case, you don’t have to worry because it is available at Chromebook for you. 


Talk about the contemporaries here, Mozilla Firefox is another leading web browsers out there. But such is the spirit shown by Chrome that it does give access to the users to use Firefox. It is one of the most successful browsers out there with the likes of Chrome and Opera Mini so there shouldn’t be questions regarding why people will be looking to use it. Just in case someone wants to use it in Chromebook, it is available here too. 

IMO Messenger

Just in case you like to text and call your friends, you can do that on Chromebook as well. Imo messenger allows you to chat with the buddies in whatever way you would like to do it. With the use of emojis and stickers and the updated stuff that is available out there, it is definitely a revelation over the course of time. You will feel better with time using this application for sure.

So these are some of the Chromebook Android Apps you can look. It will allow for the best of the time with all the quality applications that are available out there. You can look to use them and enjoy your time and make it as happening as you can make it!