Top 3 Reasons to Learn Python Programming in 2022


Python is a general-purpose programming language that is widely used in different application areas like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Web Development. The simplicity and readability of Python make it one of the most popular programming languages today. Also, it’s not just suitable for beginners but also preferred by experienced programmers due to its numerous advantages.

Python has various applications in almost every industry. It can be used to create simple scripts or fully functional programs with ease. Many software companies prefer hiring candidates who know how to code in Python because it’s become so common among developers. Even if you don’t have plans to work as a programmer someday, knowing at least one high-level programming language like Python can open up new doors for you as an aspiring data scientist or a computer engineer. If you are looking forward to taking up this amazing career path anytime soon, here are the top 3 reasons why you should learn Python programming.

python programming

Python Programming Is the Easiest Language to Learn

The accessibility of Python is one of its main advantages. The simplicity of the language makes it the easiest programming language to learn among others. It has a readable syntax which is quite similar to natural language. You can write the codes in fewer lines and fewer characters. You don’t need to be an expert in programming to start using Python. It is suitable for beginners who want to learn their first programming language. Beginners can easily follow the syntax and quickly understand the basic concepts of this language. Moreover, learning Python also helps you to acquire skills that can be applied to other programming languages. So, if you desire to learn another language in the future, it will be much easier due to the knowledge you acquired in Python.

Python Programming Has a Large Job Market

Only a few companies used Python for their web development to date. But now, web development has shifted to Python from other programming languages. This is because of the evolving demand for Python developers from different industries. While the demand for all programming languages is increasing, the demand for Python programmers is soaring. Also, the same demand is expected to grow even more over the next few years. This is especially true for locations where tech salaries are rising, such as Southeast Asia, India and China. Nowadays, Python is being used for almost everything. This is the reason why it has such a large job market. So, if you are looking for a programming language with a huge job market, Python is the one to learn.

It Is an Essential Skill for Data Science

If you want to shift your career towards data science, then you should certainly learn Python. This language is one of the most popular ones that are used in data science. Data science is not just limited to programming but also includes data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. And that’s the reason, Python is the ideal programming language for this. Python is also used for building data analytics, testing, and artificial intelligence applications. Since it can be used for various applications, it is one of the most popular programming languages for data scientists. It has many libraries that are used for different functions. This makes it flexible enough to be used for all aspects of data science.


So, if you are planning to become a programmer, Python is the ideal language to start with. It has a large job market and is an essential skill for data science. There are many other application areas like AI, ML, Web Development etc where this language is useful. Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits, learning Python also improves your problem-solving skills and teaches you to approach problems in a structured way. It also enhances your analytical skills, allowing you to break down complex problems into simpler pieces. So, if you are planning to learn a new programming language, it makes sense to choose Python. It will provide you with all the benefits mentioned above.

So these are some of the reasons why you should be looking to learn python in the all-new decade. In case you need professional help, there are organizations like Subcodevs which can truly help you out in this regard. They will offer you learning of an entire course which will give you a better understanding of the language for sure!