How Much Does it Cost to Build a Custom Workout and Training App?

Wondering how much it costs to develop a custom workout app? We will help you out.

As an online, mobile, or desktop program for health and fitness, a fitness application allows users to keep track of their exercise routines. The post-pandemic period has significantly increased the demand for fitness and wellness apps as these applications have tools for recording workouts and monitoring progress over time.

It has features in common with other health and wellness apps, like apps for mindfulness and nutrition. The post-pandemic period has significantly increased the demand for fitness and wellness apps and people prefer these apps to track their daily progress.

The price of producing a fitness application is dependent on several things, much like the price of developing any other software. The MVP will likely cost between $30,000 and $100,000, while a fully developed advanced solution would likely cost between $100,000 and $300,000.

Market Insights of Fitness Apps

Fitness apps present a fantastic chance for any business to present its goods and services to potential clients who might not be reached by conventional marketing techniques. The market for exercise and fitness is currently booming. More and more people are stepping forward to maintain their fitness and care for their health, especially in the wake of the pandemic. It’s possible that the pandemic’s restricted access to gyms and training facilities led people to find room for workouts and training at home, causing the overall number of fitness app users to rise by over 45%.

According to estimates, the global fitness market would increase from $5,500 million in 2021 to over $25,450 million in 2027, with a CAGR of 29.46%. The market for fitness applications is expected to reach $157.97 billion by 2030. The growth of this market is being driven by two factors: a rise in public awareness of health and fitness, and a rise in smartphone access to technology.

These figures demonstrate that the market and the timing are favorable for developing a fitness app. All you need is the appropriate team to guide you in determining the correct cost estimate and developing a unique fitness app in line with your vision.

Factors that Influence the Cost


When estimating the price of designing an app, you must be very explicit about the features you wish to incorporate into the app. Consider all the user account logins, search engines, push notifications, instructions, filters, payments, etc. While some simple additions with basic features could take a few hours to build, other advanced features may take weeks to develop.

A more advanced and feature-rich fitness application will be more expensive than a simpler one with fewer features because it will need more development, testing, design, deployment, and maintenance. The range of price changes according to the type of feature you include. Let’s see which are the basic and advanced features.

Basic Features:

  • Tracking your workouts and progress.
  • Built-in music player with or without offline playback
  • Real-time monitoring of the steps, distance walked, and calories burned

Advanced Features:

  • Private or public groups for keeping track of close one’s workouts
  • Option to share your progress with friends and followers through various apps
  • Extra workout instructions

Tech Stack

The entire cost of developing custom training and workout software can also be impacted by the tech stack employed. A more substantial training software with a larger user base and a seamless communication experience will probably cost more to purchase than a more straightforward app with a common technical interface.

More intricate designs that have more features and interactions can take longer to develop and may cost more money. Also, if you choose custom features or designs, this may raise the final cost. Also, you might need to create web services for database storage or add authentication techniques to protect user data, following your requirements. If done incorrectly or with too many external APIs, this could severely raise your entire costs.

Design Complexity

The complexity of the design should be considered when creating a fitness app. You can save a tonne of money if you’re content with your app’s user interface by simply employing an existing design template without many changes. But, the market always demands uniqueness with many more features included. Therefore, you’ll need to pay for product design services to make it happen if you want something that is genuinely distinctive and offers your company a creative edge.


Applications that require Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections to hardware, such as wearables or other devices, will take longer to develop (and thus cost greater) than apps that only require basic API integration, such as login/signup, etc. Also if fitness software is combined with various payment options, external data sources, or even just a simple social network connection, then it becomes more complex.

Type of Workout Apps

Creating an iOS app might be more cost-effective if your target market utilizes iPhones. If they have different phones, you might prefer Android to iOS. Decide where and how to reach your target market before making a choice. Building an MVP (minimum viable product) from scratch on one platform may be advantageous. This could lessen the cost of the initial launch by lowering the expenditures related to coding for various device categories.

If you need to be cross-platform and have a diverse audience, progressive web apps are perfect. The ability to consume a single structure across online and mobile devices is wonderful for budgeting. Compared to creating fitness apps for each platform, this is less expensive.

To build a successful app you have to choose the company that suits you so that you can communicate constantly throughout the process and make sure they are going on the right track. An experienced company can guide you throughout the project with a minimum amount of investment and low-risk factors. At SubcoDevs, we have a team of strong experts who can deliver you what you dream of at the most affordable price. Reach us soon to turn your ideas into reality.