6 Mind Blowing Web Apps You Should Start Using in 2023

 by Aman Rawat

As the digital world is evolving and growing at a fast pace, people are completely depending on apps for every need. All sectors including business, education, healthcare, and many more are being digitized into apps to provide them with a completely personalized experience.

There exist numerous apps that can boost your productivity by saving you time and effort and also give you proper guidelines throughout your work.

Here are six killer apps you can start using in 2023 to make your life smarter.

  • Jenni.ai

Based on your brief input, the AI writing assistant Jenni.ai creates content. Modern AI algorithms can be used to compose blog entries, song lyrics, profiles, ad messages, and more. You can write blogs, essays, or anything else ten times faster with this AI-powered application. For your content, this app will locate pertinent citations and link them automatically. It can quickly paraphrase words and entire paragraphs, producing information that is 99% original.

  • Temp-mail

Temp mail is also known as disposable mail is a free email service that offers you anonymous, cost-free, secure email addresses. You can sign up anonymously using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Using temporary mail, you can receive emails from fictitious addresses at your legitimate email account for a predetermined period. Keep your true email address confidential, and keep spam and unwanted emails out of your inbox.

  • Loom

Loom is a free screen recorder app that is used to quickly record screen and camera videos. With Loom’s desktop, mobile, or Chrome extension, it operates on any device. Your viewers can watch your movie without logging in or creating an account by pasting a link to it wherever they are. To respond to videos and keep your team in touch, you may also use interactive elements, time-stamped comments, and emoji reactions.

  • Otter

Otter.ai is an app that writes meeting summaries and real-time transcriptions using Artificial Intelligence. It also records audio and automatically captures slides. One of the main advantages is that employees can skip pointless meetings while still being informed by exchanging meeting minutes. For you and your team to be more engaged, collaborative, and productive, Otter can be used to save notes in a single, safe, and searchable location.

  • Duolingo

Duolingo is an educational app that teaches various international languages and it also offers language certification. 98 unique language courses in 38 different languages are available on this app. It integrates several techniques, including voice recording, sentence reading, word order, phrase formation, and image-word correspondence.

  • LastPass

Passwords are confidential data for every organization and individual. As every sector is digitized, losing this data has become a nightmare for all. LastPass is a password organizer and locker that stores your data which has a master password that controls all of them.

Your passwords will be safe using two-factor authentication methods like fingerprint login and cellphone pin unlocks. Its cloud-based storage, which is protected by encrypted security measures, saves all of your passwords and you can even import information from your browsers and other password manager apps using this app.

The world is getting smarter with the IT industry which constantly brings more technological revolutions to integrate all tasks into a single platform. As every need has an app today, the demand for developing an outstanding app that has a great user experience is also huge. Do you wish to have a place in the eCommerce world? At SubcoDevs, we have a team of strong experts who can deliver you what you dream of at the most affordable price. Reach us soon to turn your ideas into reality.