How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

 by subcodevs

App development is a process that starts from an idea to launching it in an appropriate platform. About 7 to 12 months are normally needed to develop an app from the discovery stage to pre-launch design, development and deployment, and testing the app testing. The steps involved in creating an app having a larger team doesn’t always result in a quicker turnaround time. Yet there’s always a way to make things go more quickly. 

The length of time required to accomplish each stage varies, Knowing what resources you’ll have access to, the scope of what you’re trying to build, and what skill levels you’ll be able to use during the process are all important in estimating how long it will take to build an app.

Factors That Determine the Time Required to Build an App


The length of time it takes to develop an app depends on the features you want to add to it. The more features you wish to incorporate, the greater will the time to develop it. Not only the number of features but also the type determines the time to build an app. Depending on how complex the functionality is, certain elements might be easy to implement while others might take a longer period.

Many may have doubts about what kind of features should be added. To avoid the risk, you can go for building an MVP. The phrase “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) refers to a product that has the bare minimum of functionality necessary to assess its marketability and obtain user feedback for further product development.


The complexity of an app development process, which includes the number of features, how well the app developers execute your idea and the type of app also determines the time. The developers will be able to readily understand and carry out your idea if it is very straightforward, such as a basic copy of an already existing software.

Yet, if you are creating an application with some novel and distinctive features, you must take extra time to make your point.

Target Audience

The target audience you choose can determine app type and functionality. Developing a mobile app for a small number of concurrent users, such as 1000 users, involves less concerns than those for a larger audience, such as 50,000 users. A larger audience application requires more architecture, storage, verification and validation, and tuning.

Platform you choose

The platforms you decide to launch your app can affect the amount of time and effort to develop a fully-functional app. Although both Android and iOS demand almost the same significant time investment, Android takes a longer period. But, on the other hand, the app approval time required for Android is less compared to iOS.

How Long Does it Take for Each Step?

As the app development process involves many steps, each of them demands a different period. Here are the major five steps in the building process and how much amount of time they take. 

To Prototype an App

A working solution is first presented in the prototype. It appears to be a viable software, but it lacks motion and complete capabilities. The prototype often seeks to test the essential features or functions and is created for 1-2 user roles. A clickable prototype takes around a week to create.

Validation of App Prototype

The validation time of the app prototype depends on the features you add, user interaction, easiness of usage, and clarity in navigation. One round of feedback typically takes one week to complete. Depending on the number of feedback rounds, the final time may vary. 

Designing the App

The design and development of apps are frequently the most erratic phases of the entire product development process. Fast-changing requirements and the rapid development of new technology are the two factors that cause it. This step usually takes from two to three months depending on the experience and skill of the experts involved.

Coding the App

Coding time depends on the tech stack used, the number of user roles involved, and the complexity of the app. It is important to note the point that it, Not the number of people that code it, but the software you want to design mostly determines how long it will take to code. A simple app can be coded within four months and a medium complex app within five months. While a highly complex app needs a coding time of about six months. 

App Launching

The cycle of submissions and reviews plays a significant role in the pre-launch procedure. This is precisely why the pre-launch phase may take anything between two weeks and one month. Apple conducts reviews in a much more thorough manner. Android pre-analyses your software using an algorithm, but Apple reviews your app entirely manually by a panel of experts. Thus, the submission period may take longer depending on the problem.

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