Flutter: A trendsetter in 2022

Flutter is one of the major trendsetters in app development. As we enter a new decade, we will see some major changes in terms of web designing and content development. Flutter is going to be one of them. It is already being used very often. One of the major reasons why it is happening is because it allows you to reuse the existing code which makes it rather comfortable to develop the app. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of this platform which has been brought up by Google in 2018.

Flutter: A trendsetter in 2020?


One of the biggest advantages that you get from this app is that it has a hot reload. It means that you can make changes to the code in the app itself. It saves a lot of your time which is once again the need of the hour. If you don’t feel it has been put to its maximum potential, you can make changes and that too very quickly. Hot reload happens to make a better compilation between the developers of the app and the ones who design it. Both the features are aced by Subcodevs as they not only develop an app but they are very good at designing as they have a wide variety of designs available with them. But the major advantage that you get from Flutter is that it can develop apps across platforms.

So you will see the app getting developed for Android and side by side it will also be useful for the iPhone operating system. You can also look to develop for Fuchsia platform. Fuchsia is yet not everyone’s cup of tea but it can replace Adnroids rather sooner than later. 

Flutter: A trendsetter in 2020?


Flutter has limited use only to mobile phones. So you cannot look to use it in case you want to develop an app for window operating system. This is one major limitation because most of the people still use their laptops and desktop computers despite the emergence of handy services on mobile phones. The number of libraries that are available to develop an app is very limited as well. So in case you need something different in case of libraries, you will have to do it all on your own. It will consume a hell lot of your time once again.

So Flutter works only if you need a basic app and nothing more. If you want to create something out of the world and something very different, you should be looking to go for some other platform since Flutter would not work for you in such case. It doesn’t support TV either. So in case you want to see the progress of the application, you would not be able to see it with the help of television. 

All in all, Flutter can truly be something that changes the mindset of app developers for good. There are times when you want to make something very simple but you are not able to do it. This is because you do not have such preferences. With a flutter, things are looking to take the much-needed changes!