The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: How Robots are Taking Over

Today, machines can see, hear and speak like humans. They can also think like humans. AI has become so human-like that it is now performing tasks that were once thought to be exclusive to humans alone; for example, diagnosing diseases, making management decisions, or composing music. If you are an avid technology follower, you might have heard about the coming AI and robot revolution. And if you are a millennial reading this article on an internet-connected device right now; you just might be part of this digital workforce that will be disrupted by AI and robotics. But how exactly is Artificial Intelligence transforming the world? How will robots change our lives? What kind of career opportunities will result from these changes? Let’s take a look at the artificial intelligence revolution and its implications in the following article.

Artificial intelligence revolution - How Robots are taking over?

What Is AI

Artificial intelligence revolution - How Robots are taking over?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which is a computer technology that tries to replicate intelligent human behavior. There are many types of AI but the most popular one is called machine learning, which is a computer program that can learn from experience and find new ways to solve problems. AI is usually programmed to complete a specific task, such as booking a hotel room or predicting the weather. But AI development is making rapid progress, with machines becoming increasingly able to learn new tasks independently. An Artificial Intelligence computer program is like an employee: it completes tasks, takes instructions and makes mistakes. AI is now capable of doing many jobs that were once solely done by humans; such as diagnosing diseases, composing music or writing articles. Artificial Intelligence is expected to replace many jobs currently done by humans in the next few decades.

Robots Taking Over

The world has been wondering whether robots will take over human jobs and now the question has been answered. Recent AI and robotics advancements have been a cause for concern for many blue-collar workers who are now at risk of being replaced by automated machines. During the last decade, artificial intelligence has been growing exponentially and has already been performing tasks that were once exclusive to human workers. In the past, AI was capable of performing only simple tasks. But now, due to rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, robots are able to perform complex tasks previously done by humans. This AI revolution is gradually replacing human workers with automated machines and robots. AI has transformed many industries and created new ones. This revolution is expected to disrupt many blue-collar occupations in the following years and will likely impact humans in unforeseen ways.

Human Consequences of AI and Robotics

The AI revolution has already begun with many blue-collar workers being affected by the rise of AI and robotics. The retail industry is one of the sectors being affected, with many cashiers being replaced by self-service checkout machines. The trucking industry has also been affected by the advance of AI and robotics with self-driving trucks expected to replace many human truckers in the near future. AI has transformed the healthcare industry by enabling computers to perform complex medical observations and diagnoses once only done by doctors. Advances in Artificial Intelligence and robotics may also lead to the rise of lethal autonomous weapons or killer robots. Many experts are calling for regulations to be put in place to prevent the misuse of lethal autonomous weapons by banning them.

The Road Ahead: A Job Resurgence

The rise of AI and robotics may pose a threat to blue-collar workers and many occupations may become automated. But, this does not mean that humans are out of work. The rise of Artificial Intelligence is actually expected to create new job opportunities for humans in the long run. In the next 2 decades, many occupations that are currently done by humans may be automated due to advancements in Artificial Intelligence and robotics. But in the upcoming decades after that, more job opportunities are expected to be created by AI than are expected to be lost due to the rise of AI. As AI becomes more advanced, it will also be used to develop new technologies and innovative products, creating job opportunities for humans.


Artificial intelligence has spread widely over the last two decades. By 2050, we can predict that robots and machines will play a much more important role in our lives. Even now they have become like a fifth limb to us. It is fine that they are providing us with the services that save our time and energy. But over-dependency can really be dangerous down the road. The utmost power should stay with human beings just like it has been the case till now otherwise it can lead to some really drastic turn of events!