Top Technologies Every Developer Should Learn in 2023 & Ahead

 by Rajeev Singh

The tech sector has taken massive leaps in the past decade, courtesy of the third industrial revolution. Now, the information technology domain is securely dominating numerous regions.

 With promising tech like AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), ML (machine learning), etc. becoming a market norm, this dominance is expected to sustain for a while. As a developer, it becomes necessary to not only keep track of such advancements but also equip their fundamentals.

But with the market being inundated with new technologies, which technologies should you focus on? We are here to make your job simple, as our experts note the top technologies to learn as a developer in 2023 and ahead.

Best Technologies to Learn as a Developer

AR and VR

As anyone would expect, artificial intelligence and virtual reality stand among the most popular technologies in the modern market. Their integration in education, training, gaming, and entertainment has already made waves.

Learning about AR and VR can help you prosper in multiple industries, especially the ones dealing with graphics, electronic devices, virtual enhancements, etc.


Despite the skepticism surrounding blockchain technology, it is here to stay. Blockchain allows networks to be independent, transparent, and more efficient.

Its use in industries like insurance, IT,  cloud computing, healthcare, etc. can prove to be pivotal. Thus, developers should start learning about it, especially for industries like finance and digital security.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is not a new concept anymore, as it has already amassed over a 500 billion dollars global industry. The tech refers to the implementation of intelligence in systems and machines.

Thus, anyone can imagine the potential it possesses for evolution. With more domains equipping the technology, it is becoming a must for every modern developer.


To no one’s surprise, cybersecurity is a key technology to maintain a business safe against numerous threats. With organizations getting more virtually present, threats like phishing, hacking, DoS attack, malware, etc. are becoming common.

A team of skilled cybersecurity experts can save a company from business-ending losses.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Smarthome devices have become a routine part of many people’s lives. With IoT becoming more common, devices like refrigerators, ACs, and TVs are becoming smart as well.

Thus, if you are dealing in related industries, IoT is a technology you must become an expert at.

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