Is IT a Bottleneck in the Growth of Your Company?


IT or information technology is a sector that has grown substantially in the past decade. The domain has accrued a massive 5.3 trillion dollars in spendings alone during 2022. 

As the third industrial revolution is peaking, the industry is expected to rise even more. While IT can help a company flourish in the market, its ineffective execution can lead to disasters. Over our 8+ years of market experience, we have come across multiple companies whose growth had been hindered because of their IT infrastructure.

Do you want to know how IT can slow down development of a million dollar product? Are you curious about how it can become a bottleneck in the growth of a company? Are your IT operations restricting your progress? Have you been struggling to deploy new technologies, systems, and app features?

Read through to gain valuable insights regarding everything IT and its prevalent related issues. 

Common IT Issues Faced by Modern Companies 

IT Unaligned with Product Goals

Surprised to hear a department as crucial as IT can deviate from product goals? It happens, and more often than you’d expect. Read through the given situations and see if they seem familiar:

  • Imagine a situation where IT has little too much stake in deciding what features are built in the upcoming quarter.
  • The focus on IT is derailing goals set by the Product Team for the quarter.

This situation gives imagery of a boat where each rower is not rowing the boat in the same direction.

Want to know where we are coming from? We experienced this issue with one of our clients, where the Tech Lead heavily influenced the Product team. This led to IT becoming the primary rower in the company. 

As expected, it enabled uneven results, leading to even worse revenue and growth. Such situations can cost a company the opportunity to leverage available opportunities. It can also delay the deployment of app features, causing strife among stakeholders.

Misplaced Coordination or Capability Issues

Three of the most common hurdles we have witnessed in most companies’ IT infrastructure are:

  1. Capacity bottlenecks
  2. Going over budget 
  3. Overcommitment

An incompetent or misdirected IT team will lead to one thing, failures. Similarly, if IT processes are not streamlined, the results will remain unsatisfactory. In this fashion, overcommitting to certain features or processes can also spell disaster for a company.

Such issues can only be removed after a thorough assessment and revamping of the existing processes.

IT Department not Following Processes

Another common mistake conducted by several IT teams is not following guidelines or processes. In some cases, companies have failed to execute segmented frameworks like Agile or Scrum. This causes friction, resulting in a productivity downfall.

Lack of Agility or Communication

While handling complex product decisions, it becomes crucial for everyone to be on the same page. This is true among in-built teams and clients as well. You must address their concern and expectation with proper communication for a smooth process. 

At the same time, ensuring that the team is flexible enough to execute upcoming changes is also critical. Besides this, implementing a software without proper architecture also counts among common issues faced by companies. Tools like Slack, Clickup, Trello, or even Google Docs and Sheets, etc. can address such issues. 

Note: Remember that the chat tools such as Slack, Skype or Telegram aren’t project management tools.

Heavy Documentation without Follow-Up

While documenting a project’s activities counts as good work ethics, too much documentation can cost unnecessary resources. In addition, not following the comprehensive documentation during the development process can be drastic.

Poor Risk Management

Like it or not, every project comes with risks. It falls on the IT department whether it can forecast and mitigate it or not. And while minimizing risks is important, being completely mundane without trying new methods is not advised either.

An expert IT team understands to take calculated risks that lead to better results.

Lack of Domain Knowledge

A lack of market knowledge or resources is an unavoidable issue for many organizations. As expected, such issues cost the company tremendously. Under such circumstances, it is ideal to look for third-party IT experts, like SubcoDevs, to maintain your operations. Doing so can save your time, efforts, and resources.

In Conclusion

IT can make or break an organization, especially in today’s digital world. That is why carrying on with an ineffective IT infrastructure is bound to impose heavy growth restrictions. Thus, our IT experts have curated a list of common issues faced by companies worldwide.

We have encountered and solved such issues for many clients successfully. The result? We have helped clients establish a unified IT infrastructure from a system that failed to deploy features for months. Take a look at what the client had to say about it here.

Want to resolve your IT issues or wish to learn more about the topic? Let’s meet over a quick call.